All of the EdenPURE® reviews below are from actual customers who volunteered their stories and were given another EdenPURE® heater as thanks for their participation. If you would like to send us a testimonial please visit our contact us page. We love to hear from our customers!

The EdenPURE® made a big difference with our heating bills ... I know it saved us money.

Diane Baker

The savings that I've made with my EdenPURE® Heater ... about $175-$225 a month each winter.

Jim Haney

We had fewer colds last winter than in previous years, before we purchased the EdenPURE® heaters. Many of our friends have informed me they are going to purchase these heaters for their homes this winter.

Gloria Smith

I have saved in the neighborhood of around at least $700 a year ... because of the EdenPURE® Heater.

William Hedgepath

Our daughter had an operation and I didn't want her to get chilled. That was the main motivation to buy the EdenPURE®. Now we're saving $60 a month heating our home to a higher temperature than what it would have been with just our gas furnace.

Dean and Connie Rowan

It dropped the heating bill from about $250 to $125-$130 the very first month.

Margie Mefford

The EdenPURE® is very safe because I tend to use it as a side table, and I'm always laying my books on it... the children play around it. My pets play around it, lay by it, and nothing has ever become overheated. I consider the EdenPURE® to be a very safe heater.

Donna Michel

We have experienced a significant drop in out heating costs by using the EdenPURE®.

Cynthia Gribble

We live in an area known for very cold winters, and were amazed to see how even the heat was for the entire living room area. We ordered a second and a third unit -- which now warm the entire home. And we are saving over $250 a month: The lowest expense for heating we have ever experienced! I would heartily recommend your products to anybody interested in really nice, even heat... and in saving on utility expenses.

Dennis Crystal

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